Please note that Healing with Horses has relocated to Bathurst in the Eastern Cape.  Kindly add your name to our mailing list and we will let you know about future events.

We offer professional mental health care services through Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP), and Equine Facilitated Personal Development (EFPD) activities. EFP is a therapeutic method where a mental health and horse professional partners with horses to help human clients cope with personal, relationship and life challenges like depression, divorce, death and dying, work-related stress, anxiety, and many other stressful life events.  In EFPD creative activities with horses like a labyrinth is utilized to help create awareness, insight, wisdom, compassion and connectedness for your life path and purpose. The horses offer their unique wisdom, care and compassion as humans find ways to cope and thrive with adversity.

In healing interactions with horses we develop insight into personal patterns and miscommunication dynamics that creates conflict within us, and our relationships. Horses use their all-round awareness and sensitivity to accurately mirror our emotional and thought states, without judgment. This gives humans a unique opportunity to deal with emotions gently and constructively, allowing for new-found awareness to make positive life changes.  This is not about horse riding, this is about relationship, and dealing honestly and openly with emotion toward greater health and well-being. EFP/EFPD is appropriate for anyone of any age and no prior horse experience is needed.




Come and meet Liesl and the team of very special horses for a life-changing experience through healing with horses.


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